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The Law Offices of Oleg Ikhelson, Esq., provides services on opening, maintaining and liquidating businesses of any type. Whether you want to set up an LLC, form a limited partnership or dissolve a corporation, our experienced attorneys will assist you with all levels of tax and non-tax compliance.

Depending on the state and locale, your company may be required to file various registration forms and hold periodic meetings. Regardless of the jurisdiction, there are always annual obligations that a legitimate business must satisfy in every state or city it operates in order to stay in compliance with the regulation authorities.

In most cases, any new business has multiple alternatives when it comes to tax and governance structures. Our attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of the Tax Code and state regulations to help you pick the optimal business structure and domestic jurisdiction for your company.

Whether it is an LLC, a corporation or a partnership, we will present to you a comprehensive analysis of each alternative structure, based on the commercial, tax and liability reasons. Once you choose the optimal entity type, we will file all required documents with the federal, state and local (if applicable) authorities. We will also prepare all necessary corporate governance paperwork which is essential to the concept of limited liability in most newly formed entities.

Area of Practice:

  • Formation of Corporations

  • Dissolution of Corporations

  • Sell Existing Business

  • Purchase Existing Business

  • Open & Close Franchise

  • Representing Foreign Companies