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In the event of an audit our tax attorneys can work on your behalf to argue your case in the most persuasive manner. Our firm assists clients during tax authority audits through studying carefully and meticulously the tax law of the jurisdiction and then applying all aspects of your particular case to of the examination.

Whether you are being audited by the IRS or states of New York or New Jersey, contact our office for free consultation. It is very important that you seek competent legal advice if you received a 90-day Deficiency Notice and the time is running out.

One of the ways to attack the government position is tax appeal. If a federal or state agency assessed a balance, it may not necessarily mean that their calculations are right. Most of the times, they work with piece-meal information obtained from third parties, very frequently incorrect in itself. So, when the government opens up a tax audit, they might just be fishing for something and hope to get most of the answers from the taxpayer. It is important not to fail into the complacency trap. As Tax Controversy and Tax Audit Lawyer I will help you make sense of the tax audit paperwork and fight for your rights.

Our comprehensive approach focuses on multiple audit strategies. We will weigh in all possible alternative scenarios of how to handle your particular tax controversy. Not all examinations are automatically subject to protracted and costly litigation. As a matter of fact, most issues can be settled amicably and expeditiously with an IRS or state revenue agent by merely submitting the documentation substantiating the taxpayer's position. When a fast resolution is not available, it does not necessarily mean that one needs to dig in and prepare for the fight. There are various levels of appeals and intermediate review processes within the state tax agencies that can be used to settle the controversy.

Mr.Ikhelson's most recent personal victory was in a case of an out-of-state individual by  the State of New York Department of Taxation & Finance. New York tried to invoke a statutory residence rule and, if successful, would have collected approximately $100,000 in additional tax, penalties and interest. Mr.Ikhelson's hands-on approach helped to save the taxpayer almost 90% without ever reaching the litigation stage.

Whether you believe the tax agency made a mistake, or you know you have a valid argument, contact Law Offices of Oleg Ikhelson, Esq., and we will analyze your situation and work out the best approach.

Even if you suspect the IRS or the state is right and you may owe additional money, there are still ways to either reduce or eliminate the assessments. Our experienced attorneys can work with the agencies to request abatement of penalties or an installment plan. Also, see Offers in Compromise.